Tanya Simone Simpson


Character-driven sci-fi and dark contemporary fiction

Stories about lost souls building their own roads home. Inspired by city streets and stormy seas, synesthesia and l'appel du vide, troubled pasts and wide open futures.


I'm Tanya. Made in Ireland on the cusp of Gen X and Millennial, I now share a cosy little home in Scotland with my husband and a cat with entitlement issues. Fuelled by coffee and yoga, I'm a witchy soul with a weakness for expertly choreographed fight scenes and extremely clean kitchens. I write a lot of LGBTQ+ characters because I am an LGBTQ+ character.


Anyone, anywhere, can read them for free on any device. They're all listed on my Wattpad profile HERE or you can scroll down for direct links to, and information about, each story.

At the moment, I choose not to sell my books on self-publishing platforms like Amazon. If you enjoy my stories and wish to contribute some money, you're welcome to make a donation to my tip jar through KO-FI or directly through PAYPAL.

Heavy Frequency
Exsensory Trilogy 1

A black-market trader in a futuristic metropolis fights to unravel a government conspiracy and confronts a betrayal from her past to discover the true identity of a mysterious fugitive.

Cold Identity
Exsensory Trilogy 2

It's five months since the events of Heavy Frequency. Following the discovery of a secret human experimentation program, a squad of black-market traders and renegade engineers take on their nemesis to save the test subjects and finally end a grudge that spans generations.

New chapters posted every Tuesday and Friday


One month, one city, five lives colliding with the forces of fate. A thrill-seeking tech genius with an appetite for dangerous extremes. A retired contract killer fighting to escape his past and himself. An underworld driver tempted deeper into a life of violence. A heartbroken musician lost in hedonistic free fall. A soldier burdened with prophecy who only wants to go home. Dark, dark days. Beginnings...


The year 2027. Edinburgh, Scotland. Disease has swept a deadly path through society. A nightlife mogul with a violent past, a sadistic drug dealer, an artist craving companionship, a privileged playboy and a fiercely independent motor mechanic struggle to survive in the chaotic and brutal leftover world of the immune.


When a robbery takes an unexpected turn, part-time criminal Andie Valentine is forced to make a difficult choice: dive deeper into a dangerous but lucrative world or escape to a new beginning, abandoning her home and her last connection to the girl who changed her life and shattered her heart.


An ongoing collection of mostly dark and introspective flash fiction in a variety of genres.


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